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What lo maximo production is a spiritual war? Spiritual war " is a competition for something, so that being in this material world reflects more what our loving god wants. This will remind you of the "war", because there are people who are working energetically to interfere with the activities that god is carrying out. God rules, however, there are opponents who are ready for a full-scale uprising, which they promote effective action on the air. As well as in the case of the emergence with the functioning of the invisible god in the sphere of the visible, the rebellion is both visible and invisible, material and supernatural. They want power in the modern universe of visible, material beings. The fact that the battle is invisible does not mean that the situation is not being held. In every nook and cranny of our earthly existence. Following christ, the believer accepts the lordship of christ in his bed (this is exactly what is meant when jesus is called "lord" - his power and rule). This new you gives up the throne of the " i " to jesus, but the old you don't want it a bit. The confrontation with the devil and all his empty promises is, by and large, the work of the "second person", the work of christ himself. The holy spirit guides each of us in the part of the struggle that is being carried out. The scriptures tell about spiritual warfare in different parts of the world, but paul speaks most directly in ephesians 6, in which he will talk about the full armament of god. The most significant verse is verse 12 : "for we are fighting against flesh and blood, but against kingdoms, against powers, against the world leaders of this darkness, against spiritual evil on high." The devil has already lost, but the devil tries to bring out the maximum number of people with himself, as if only in order to hurt god. And no matter how the devil manages to do this, god causes pain-as a parent who has lost a child does everything. This malice is very consistent with the character of the devil. Satan is a leech; his existence is not enough for him now, which is the only one left here, our existence is all that the document is able to suck out of the living. Almost everyone, including many christians, does not want to use the word "war"here. I'll be honest: i don't like the images of war myself. War is a terrible thing, and people follow the prince of peace. But the biblical images use the language of battle by itself, you just need to reject it incorrectly. It is also important that everyone who experiences the worst times of the struggle sometimes turns out to have a tendency to military conditions. Guys don't just have a "struggle" - they go through a kind of hell. Images of war capture the above in perfection and emotional connection, no other images have come close to them yet. Everyone knows what these images are, so if they are very useful, the essence is quickly understood and felt by both believers and non-believers. And the russian of war, although it leaves an awful lot of the conflict "battle", turns out to be the last language that successfully captures the epic share of everything that is happening in this created world, including the fact that our compatriots most often call the supernatural. I would hope in return, but "military conversations", correctly and wisely used, will still elementary come off. However, the followers of christ are called to use a completely different set of weapons: the apostle paul refers to the shoes of the gospel of peace, the belt of righteousness, and the sword of the spirit-the word of god (ephesians 6:10-18). It will not really be possible to count them as bombs, bullets or bayonets, and even acts of hatred or oppression. Such weapons are not necessarily very destructive for the evil of the devil's work, however, they are positioned in blocks, a solid shalom is built on them. In ancient judea, king jehoshaphat took the" weapons of peace " literally : he sent out praise singers in front of the soldiers, causing such a mess that the enemies began to kill each other. While today, the lesson is explained by the fact that god gives the upper hand over evil. What if i can't love you enough? The most significant truth about spiritual warfare is the following: first of all, it is a matter of love. Not enthusiasm for the struggle, not a thirst for "salvation of souls" or for victory. This is the task of passion for the kingdom of god and passion for the people for whom jesus was crucified - which means ko . Love is easier for many of us. Their emotional makeup and life make it easier for them to make their interest effective. It is much easier to love if you were loved. It is much more difficult for an incredible number of people to love. They are burdened with a heavy load of ridicule, fear, oppression from people or companies, or mental illnesses. And what's worse, they did not have a relationship from someone and for this reason they have no idea what help is, and what does what, or how to give a discord. However, the bitter truth is contained in the fact that the inspection bodies do not have the love to work. In matthew 7:7, jesus says: ask, and more will be given to us. Therefore, ask god to provide you with a chance to love with god's love. The spirit is very happy to provide the visitor with this. However, as well as many other things, and this is guaranteed by god, it is designed with a task to be real. It will take persistent, regular prayer, excitement, and, quite likely, some difficult lessons and changes in the worldview for love to start pouring out of users. If the answer is yes, it is similar to attending a battle unarmed and unprepared, directly into the firing line. Thing 1: the belief in the existence of satan does not belong to the mandatory element of the christian faith. You will be able to completely reject any hope of an accuser and at the same time remain a believer in christian orthodox beliefs. It may be difficult to honestly live a life of following christ without realizing that there is a strong and lively malice in our everyday life. The absence of satan may seem right, but please, we remind you that it is perhaps not too much. Then, when this is about you, then subject 1-b: you should not yet believe any of the noble and unconventional descriptions of satan, even from jewish apocalyptic stories or early christian practice, or zoroastrian images, or dante aligheri, or the art of enlightenment, or calvin, or psychology, and c. S. Lewis, or jack chick, or you else. In addition, the user does not need to rely on demons or in a similar kingdom, like hell, or maybe in almost real money, like demon possession. Even when you believe in active malice. You have the right to lay out satan undescribed or make your own description, and when you are satisfied with doing it with some care, you will be able to become a follower of christ at any time. If it's about you, then the thing is 1-in: christians that little expect that satan is created not "happen to the enemy", consciously or unconsciously. Their goal is to follow christ and live the life that christ wants the spokes to live, as the spirit leads them to this. If they do this, these forecasts function in the christ camp at the same time as the children, regardless of whether these drugs are thinking about their view on supernatural or spiritual issues or about our client. Treat each other accordingly. When you do not do it yourself, you have started yourself satanically. Thing 2: but when a given entity really exists in reality, it does not matter much whether we believe that it is harmful to perceive evil due to what, and also when we are worried that our company would meet more calmly with ourselves without the idea of the entity behind evil, or when we are worried that the human race should grow out of such, etc. Etc. The most important thing is that being overweight is not the case that we either i, or hacking the rest of humanity think, or plan to think, or consider the most useful. The most interesting thing is those that are present in reality. I myself am convinced that this entity (whatever way it is described), . This would bring even more powerful harm than the image of a personal devil. So, which one is sung to satan in the scriptures? The devil is shown as having a will, properties and all-encompassing supernatural power, if the power comes only from his ability to lie and deceive. Satan has a personality (a sense of "i") and a meaning (or maybe an anti-goal). Satan is both an instigator and a reactionary, a great whisperer in the ear, a person who starts fights, and he, whose reason for existence (under any circumstances, as far as he is concerned) is to upset and hinder the kingdom of god in every possible way. Satan is the person who came up with the idea to start this spiritual war; god would rather give love than wage war. The devil is stricter than it suits anyone standing on the suburban, or when it comes to such a nuance, all categories of people. We are not cunning enough to outwit satan on our own, since our employees are at odds with the only one who has the power to defeat satan, but you are not alone. Christ, turning to the created world, exposes the bluff of satan and expels him from there, in which he is hiding. However, the main thing that should not be forgotten is that regardless of where the idea of doing evil comes from, you are the ones who understand what to produce and the player is responsible for the processes performed, as well as their results. The devil didn't force you to do anything. The devil is not an anti-god. The devil is more analogous to a fake god, a face without a face, behind which you can see a person, a solid vision and not a second of essence. Satan can tempt, while in no case will he be able to tempt as much as possible due to not receiving love. Satan, like the archangel, which he once became, does not contribute to making new things for us. Martin luther compared satan to a snarling dog chained up, which is able to cause you real harm only when you want to be stupid enough to get too close. What satan is able to do is to use cunning tricks to engage in battle on these weaknesses and circumstances, to force us to choose actions that suck the life, attention and strength of ourselves and others-especially treat those who have not done what you are interested in to harm us. And necessarily, if we do this, we function as satan, and our authors lose a piece of personality behind our own face. They write that satan also has servants. These "demons" or "bad angels" whisper every day, tempt at any time of ordinary life. Give them a centimeter, who will try to walk a kilometer. You can start a "spiritual war" only from the position of"spiritual well-being". In both senses of the word "welfare". Welfare " focusing on the spiritual well-being of a person. Satan is looking for weaknesses and applies those corners in human everyday life, on which we allow ourselves to pretend. The art of giving oneself to the lord and taking part in god's friendship is at the foundation of all christian forms of spiritual discipline. When one of them watches porn, there are much less polygons for satanic torments. We can also become satan by praying for the" spiritual well-being "of others (a form of" intercessory prayer " that itself stems from love). Social security " is also in terms of the us social services program. For each of us is spiritually impoverished vagabonds who have not received the opportunity to feed themselves. Only god can win in the spiritual struggle. When we depend on our own resources, we will get entangled in the network and will be eaten by a spider. There is no place for personal pride in the spiritual war. We share god's victory-an empty tomb-but only to the extent that we share god's loss-the cross. The cross is a moment of desolation in self-denial. The cross is the place where the "spiritual war" begins. The cross is a model of how to conduct a "spiritual war". Spiritual gifts, especially insight and wisdom, exist partly for the purpose of thwarting satan's efforts to enslave people. Satan is addicted to this slavery-he is really a very perverted dude. Satan can make whips, chains, domination and submission, but most often he does not do this. Nevertheless, satan uses perverted ideas, the temptation of sex, victory, security and luxury, manipulation, fear, revenge, images of shame and guilt, half-truths and burning anger due to the fact that he was offended. Satan uses a show devoid of content; excitement devoid of reasons to celebrate. Satan distributes marked stacks of stacked decks, hands us loaded dice, and then forces us to play games for money. Money for money is satan's idea of spiritual discipline, or, more precisely, of non-spiritual indiscipline. And just as spiritual disciplines allow us to open up more to the holy spirit, indulging in a vicious life opens us up to further anarchy, which (like other anarchies) in the end, it turns into a thirst for authoritarian rule because who most wants such absolute power. The main ways to protect yourself from the devil is to live as a follower of christ and love your fellow countrymen as an ordinary yourself. By doing this with us, you are giving the devil less portals for games. You would be able to find something else – and also such an idea would most often not come from the devil. The life of a christian is not a neutral thing; it desires a higher vocation. Such additions, a spiritual war at one point, such as the decision not to interrupt this schoolboy or not to strike this blow, or not to pull out this knife, or to stop trying to seem like a hip-hop diva, so that visitors have time to process difficult teenagers, or not to work overtime, because the whole family needs you more than the available money. Even products that you are allowed to do something that you are morally justified to do, something that would make your own life much easier, that everything creates opportunities - it's just that such services should be abandoned if there is a more pious choice available. The struggle is carried out in the users and in the sphere of the parts of society around you, at every moment. Every decision will be an act of spiritual warfare. The devil never truly "provides" (does not own) friends or something. The world is rebelling, but in general it is still the world of the creator, and the devil has no way to change this. The greek new testament term "obsession" is a daimonizomai, which is elementary to consider by different methods. The main option is to consider it as a demonic influence, if a person is so distorted by attention to the devil that he is "demonized" - made like the devil. Another method is a demonic energy or impulse, and it can not only awaken evil in the viewer, but also helps this person to perform diabolical work with an ability or strength that surpasses everything that cool guys would have given us in other circumstances-demonic dynamism. Slavery is created, but always. A significant dynamism of christ is required to get rid of this slavery, and "christianization" follows, in order not to violate them by being free. What truth liberates us? Borrowers often say: "the truth will set you free.", But simple factual knowledge, worth of course, you will agree that it has the ability to do to the devil. The more often our specialists know, the more significant amount of places satan can seize to distort our minds. And even if the observer somehow had the opportunity to think about how to prevent satan from distorting your information, satan is nevertheless able to reach you through your nature, through an accident, or seductive sensations, or a fagot. And when a person could (as job did everything) challenge satan, in that case he works against his body, the old scratch is still able to scratch you through your relationships. Etc. There are simply too many technologies to find a salon. There is a truth that makes the russian federation free. One truth that gives strength to all other truths. Jesus, christ. And, after all, the fundamental truth is that, but not a thing, our freedom does not consist in understandable knowledge, and in accordance with a given statement by a person. In life, you involve yourself in this process : thoughts, knowledge, feelings, experiences, memories, actions, tastes, time. When anything in your figure is connected with christ, no matter what angle satan approaches, christ will already be there. Even the worst evil of the devil can be turned into good by god. The christ who wins spiritual battles is the same christ who won the war. What is safer than him? Fundamentalist and pentecostal circles. Is there something that you are reading here that seemed strange, or is there not enough of anything important? Send a message to me at this address. I dream of creating a new page that responds in detail to personal comments, unimaginably by the end of last year. Come back and see what's there. When you master the spiritual war of the group, ask these tasks one by one and share your answers with the group. 1. How did it seem to you that you have ever encountered satan? 4. The theme of the lordship of jesus should permeate all the epistles of john and paul, especially in philippians 2: 9-11. Try to understand how the reign of jesus will break into your life. For what, what does it only look like? 5. How will it be easier to change the point of view or feelings may be "distorted"? How did this happen to the patient? 6. There are years when certain parts of the christian church were "twisted" into a forgotten evil. Can many give an example? What is happening that has brought the church out of this state? 7. How do you react when you see or hear comparisons or images (in commercials, on tv in songs and in the memories of the older generation) that show deep evil and demonic? Is something stirring in you? Have you ever thought about having properties and applying films to others? What can or should christians do with the use of these images, if they can do anything at all?

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